Dezem bak dan Devallah. The Deck of Champions.

A millenia ago the world fell. It fell to an enemy that sought the destruction of man. They almost succeeded. Countries and kingdoms were wiped off the map. Nations and empires were swept aside as an unknown evil washed over the world. The enemy were stopped at the last by the Devallah.

The Champions.

A group of warriors chosen from all the nations of man. They alone were able to defeat the fiercest of the enemy and halt the invaders at the red chasm; the crack in the earth that lead to Verma, mankind’s last refuge. Little more than a peninsula, with the red chasm separating it from the rest of the continent, Verma is now home to every last living human. The world beyond is a charred and burned wasteland, inhabited only by nightmarish creatures.

Those who now live in Verma have long since forgotten the enemy and have established a make-shift society where gold holds no value and a barter system that heavily favours salt has become the norm. But, as evil dwells once more upon the horizon and mankind faces extinction for a second time, it must find new Champions.

Only the Deck can choose those who will become Devallah. And those it chooses might not always be particularly brave, skilled — or sober.